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Unreal Crypto proudly uses: API GLSL Editor's Helpers CodeMirror Three.js GSAP

Special thanks to:

Patricio Gonzalez Vivo for his work of The Book of shaders Refik Anadol for his artwork which inspired us for this 3D stage set up.
Designed and built by Unreal Crypto

Visual Lead: Ma Designer & Lead Developer: Hadi Developer: Hadi
  • Why did we make Unreal Crypto?

    We simply wanted to make something fun that benefits the Crypto Space..

  • Why Unreal DAO?

    Why not?.

  • When moon?

    Soon. WebXR API.


- Fix VR bug for specific controllers

- Improve VR support for specific controllers

- Add VR support using WebXR API

- Add gallery page

- Remove axis helper
- Fix initial iMouse position
- Add anti-aliasing for HD snapshot
- Add changelog

- Initial release


We are not responsible for the content the user created. All user generated shaders are hosted on and for the ownership/license of the shaders, please refer to


Unreal DAO is in progress.

Stay Tuned.

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Unreal DAO is in progress
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Shader editor

Welcome to your personal shader playground, where you can write your own and see how it looks in a cinematic 3D environment.

Few things to know:
  • The shader editing structure matches the same as the one in with the same predefined uniforms such as iResolution, iTime, etc. Except no texture, audio and framebuffer supported
  • There are other features including 2.5D through the alpha channel of fragColor.
  • We don’t host your shaders, your shaders are automatically saved in your local machine through the localStorage API. You got 3 shader slots for localStorage. If you want to save and share your Unreal Crypto , please
  • WebGL 2 by default and WebGL 1 fallback if the user’s browser doesn’t support WebGL 2
  • Need a reminder of the supported uniforms?
  • If you want to convert your existing shaders from Shadertoy into a compatible shader,
  • Open your shadertoy in Unreal Crypto :

We encourage you to add the cineshader tag if you save your shaders on Shadertoy.
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