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What is Unreal?

Unreal is nothing more than the parent company of Unreal token. Unreal token is a holding token, which engages in the governance, rewards, and operation of different products and DAO's. It operates through a segment of contracts created on respective blockchains. The Unreal product segment includes its main DAO products such as “Diamond Hands” and the upcoming Ethereum Staking contracts. Holders of UNR can vote on the future of Unreal.

Diamonds hands our first endevour, helps encourage investors to hold their ETH by introducting a Gamification and rewards system never seen before. Once you deposit ETH into our contract, it is locked until the end of each three month long season. A user cannot withdraw their funds from the contract during a season without incurring a 10% Slash fee. This helps discourage investors from withdrawing their funds in times of panic, but still allows the flexibility of withdrawal within the 7 day no-slash period in between seasons.

Three Simple Steps

The Slash

The Slashing Mechanism that we’ve created is built to reward Investors with the ability to hold through market cycles. It is also built to punish investors that panic sell, or FUD out of the market. Data shows that the average investor loses ETH value trading. Leaving the contract during a season will net you a 10% loss on your capital. But there is the 7 day slash free period between seasons. 90% of the slashed funds will be redistributed amoung the contract participants. The amount of rewards you receive is based on your ratio to the overall contract. The other 10% of slashed funds is distributed to holders of UNR.